Diana Sironi

Diana Sironi is a Boston artist creating original, fun art and poetry focusing on the human form, its impact on your emotions and transporting you within the subject or directly relating to the subject. Her work also includes classic fine art depictions of nature, animals, architecture and culture.

Upcoming Events: 

Artists In Their Studios 
South End Boston
Saturday January 26, 2019
10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Find her on Instagram for updates on The Legacy Project (The Project), started in April 2018, dissecting vintage adult magazines offering a second glance into the world of the models involved, the meaning of the pornography and the message it conjures up in society. She is documenting sentimental images that appear in ads and articles, as well as creating artwork inspired by the photography: deciphering the emotions on the models' faces in their situations and translating the social messages. The Project will  traverse the library she is building and cover many different publishers and levels of pornographic intensity.